Lawn Insects

Insects feed on grass, causing damage to the lawn. The most common insects that are a problem in Twin Cities lawns are grubs, ants, and ticks. The best way to prevent damage is to get treatment before insects feed on the lawn. If insects are already feeding on your lawn, bioLawn can make corrective applications that will stop the feeding and reduce damage.

Grub Control to Prevent and Stop Damage

Grubs feed on the roots of the lawn, causing the grass to die. As feeding progresses, the size of dead patches expands. Animals, such as skunks, will dig up lawns to eat the grubs, which causes additional lawn damage. Grubs feed between April – June and Late July – October in Minnesota.

Grub Prevention

Preventative grub control is applied May – July. This controls grubs as they hatch and prevents lawn damage. At bioLawn, we use unique no-signal word insecticide with low toxicity to treat grubs.

Curative Grub Control 

Curative grub control is applied in April – June or Late July – October to kill actively damaging grubs. Curative treatment is often needed when a preventative grub control has not been used.

Lawn Insect Program

Our Lawn Insect Program targets surface feeding and nuisance insects in the lawn. This treatment is NOT effective against grubs or other insects located in the soil. The Lawn Insect Program involves four treatments throughout the season to target specific insects that cause damage to the lawn or are a nuisance in the lawn.

The four applications are spaced throughout the year when activity is highest. Typically early spring through early fall. Below are the most common insects treated in the Lawn Insect Program.


Ants do not cause direct damage to the lawn, but their mounds and tunnels can be a nuisance in the lawn. Larger colonies also thin out the grass reducing the lawns appearance.


Ticks do not cause direct damage to the lawn, but can carry diseases making them a problem when they get on pets, children and adults.

Sod Worms

Sod webworms feed on the leaf tissue of the grass. This weakens the grass making it more susceptible to other stresses and diseases. Large populations can cause substantial damage to lawns just from feeding.

Fall Armyworms

Fall armyworm, like sod webworms, feed on the lawn damaging the grass.

Chinch Bugs

Although not a common problem in Minnesota, chinch bugs suck plant tissues, causing damage to the leaf blade. This opens the plant to more stress and potentially death.

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