Moles and Voles

Mother nature can throw a lot at our lawns. Unwanted pests, diseases, insects, and rodents like moles and voles not only detract from your lawns appearance but they can be harmful if not treated. bioLawn has the expertise and knowledge to identify these problems, prescribe solutions and implement applications. Our safer products and applications methods are used with these services as well.

Mole Control

Moles live underground, and their tunneling creates snakelike ridges in the surface of a lawn. Moles tunnel to find food, earthworms, grubs and insects, which make up the majority of their diet. Mole hills form when moles dig deep into the soil for permanent tunnels or nesting cavities. Often the grass over these tunnels dies and also creates a trip hazard in the lawn.

bioLawn offers a mole management program. The goal of the mole management program is to reduce mole activity on your property by reducing the mole population and discouraging tunneling in your yard.

This involves monthly visits to your property to inspect and treat for moles. bioLawn uses worm bait that mimic mole’s natural food source in order to reduce the mole population. Around inactive areas of the property, we use a repellant, which will deter moles from entering the lawn.

How to have the most success with our mole management program?
1. After treatment, don’t push down tunnels for 72 hours. Crushed tunnels may not be used again and we want the moles to have access to the bait.
2. Consider getting a grub control treatment to reduce a potential food source for moles.
3. Step down tunnels before mowing to reduce lawn damage.

Vole Control

Voles are small, brownish rodents that live in unmaintained areas (forests, grasslands, wetlands) or landscaping. They feed on plants, roots, fruit and seeds. Active from spring to fall, voles move across your lawn to get to new habitats. During the winter months, they go underground and repeatedly use the same tunnels, which create brown tracks that are visible in the spring. Voles will also feed on the grass and nest in it due to the snow protection and lack of movement on the lawn. This activity can create larger brown patches and even kill the grass.

bioLawn offers a castor oil treatment in the fall. This treatment acts as an irritant to the vole, which decreases the amount of time the vole will spend in your lawn. It does NOT mean the voles will stay off the lawn but reduces the amount of time they spend there. Some brown tracks may still be present in the springtime, but the number will be greatly reduced.

The result of a vole control application is fewer brown tracks in the spring from vole activity.

If vole damage is present in the spring, the best action is to have some patience. Allow the lawn to fully root and the soil to dry out. Once the lawn is actively growing, then lightly rake the brown areas. This will encourage the healthy grass to fill in. For larger brown areas (where nesting likely occurred), seeding may help the area recover more quickly.


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