Voles are a rodent that can create lawn damage during the winter. Underneath the snow, voles create tunnels and nesting areas in the lawn. This activity turns the grass brown and creates thin areas in the lawn. See the photo above for an example of what this damage looks like. Areas with vole activity can be slow to recover in the spring.

Our vole control application (applied late fall/early winter) utilizes a proprietary organic granular that irritates voles by making your lawn a less desirable home. The goal of a vole control treatment is to reduce activity and widespread damage to the lawn. In order for this treatment to work, voles still need to come onto the lawn to realize they do not like the deterrent. Therefore, a few tracks may be visible in the spring even with this treatment. The application does not harm the voles – It just irritates them to drive them off the lawn.

If you would like to receive a vole control application, you can contact us at the office to learn more about the service and price. 651-967-7592 or office@getbiolawn.com