Hello, summer! And hello, itchy mosquito bites. Unfortunately, mosquitos are just a part of the season in Minnesota and Wisconsin, but that doesn’t mean your family has to be excessively bitten the second they step outside. In general, there are two big reasons why homeowners deal with a lot of mosquitos in their yard:

Standing Water

Mosquitoes love and breed anywhere there is standing water, which includes anything from a kiddie pool to gutters. A bottle cap of water is actually enough water for mosquitoes to lay eggs and hatch. If there’s been a heavy rain that caused puddles or flooding in your yard, that’s also prime environment for them. Also consider areas that might hold water after running irrigation.

Cool, Shady Spots

Other ideal environments for mosquitos to rest are shady areas of trees, tall grass, or bushes. To help avoid them gathering on your property, maintaining your lawn and landscape will give them less places to loiter. Trimming up trees and landscape plants will give mosquitoes fewer places to hide. Also increased airflow will disturb the mosquitoes, driving them to find a new place to rest.

Summertime is truly the perfect season for them with its humidity, rain, and lush trees. If you’ve had a mild issue with mosquitos and are interested in starting an herb garden, common plants like lavender, peppermint, lemon balm, rosemary, and basil are all fragrant herbs that repel mosquitos naturally. However, they can really only protect a limited area. Many have tried a combination of solutions like nets around their patio, bug repellant candles, or torches. All of these “solutions” can be time consuming and unattractive to your outdoor ambiance. The simple solution is to treat your yard for mosquitoes and ticks. bioLawn’s mosquito and tick applications can be applied as a one-time solution for a special event or as an ongoing protection plan so you can really enjoy your space with fewer mosquitoes.

bioLawn strives for environmentally sound practices with safer products, so we offer entirely organic programs and hybrid product programs. While not all of our products are organic, we have researched and tested the best low-toxic options to avoid spraying your lawn with harsh chemicals. Our mosquito applications are applied to shrubs, trees, and plants so that when the mosquitos land on the treated areas, they take up the product, which causes them to die. While mosquitoes resting on your neighbors’ plants will not be controlled, these applications are effective at reducing the mosquito population on and around your property.

bioLawn has been serving the Twin Cities metro since 2002, and we create nurturing environments for the communities we serve. To learn more about our lawn care and pest control programs, contact us by email, phone, or contact form.