Seeding Services

Seeding a lawn can repair brown/bare patches and thicken up a thin lawn. When more than 60% of a lawn is covered in grass, seeding is the preferred method to increase the lawn density. When less than 60% of a lawn is covered in grass, then sodding can be a preferred method.

A successful seeding requires teamwork. bioLawn can use the quality seed, the proper installation techniques and provide advice. We need the homeowner to follow recommendations on watering and other practices to achieve success. Weather is also a critical factor in successful seeding. High temperatures, low temperatures, lack of rain and excess rain can all reduce seeding results.

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At bioLawn, we use the latest genetics of seeds and specifically select varieties with increased drought resistance, improved disease tolerance, resistance to insect feeding and quick germination. By choosing these varieties, our seed improves the quality of the lawn and will require less inputs to maintain quality. Our grass seed is a blend of Kentucky Bluegrass, Fine Fescues (including chewings fescue, creeping red fescue, slender red fescue and hard fescue) and Perennial Ryegrass. It’s optimized to perform well in sunny and shady conditions, but can be tweaked as needed to meet the light conditions present in the lawn.

We recommend seeding services for a few years in a row and then every other year after that. One time of seeding is not usually enough to thicken up the lawn and eliminate all bare spots.

Areas with excessive shade or water will typically improve after seeding. However, a lack of water and other environmental conditions make it difficult for grass to survive long term. For best results, the environment should be improved or sometimes it is best to change the area to another use such as landscaping.


Seeding Services Offered by bioLawn:

Overseeding (Fall) – this is our standard seeding service. Seeding, along with core aeration, is done in August and September. Seed will germinate within 1-3 weeks and fill in nicely throughout the fall.

Dormant Seeding – this is seeding done after temperatures are consistently below 50 degrees, typically in November. This seed will not germinate in the fall, but rather lay dormant through the winter and begin germinating as soon as the spring warmth occurs.

Organic Seeding Feed – this is an organic fertilizer specifically formulated to meet the needs of young plants. This helps jumpstart the growth and establishment of the grass seed.

Best practices for a successful seeding:

  • Mowing – mow the grass just before we do the seeding. Then stay off the mowing for 3 weeks (or as long as possible) so the new seedlings can start growing before they receive traffic.
  • Watering – we recommend light and frequent watering after seeding so the seed can establish. Perform approximately 10 minutes of watering two times daily – morning and evening. Even better would be 5 minutes every 6 hours throughout the day. All irrigation systems are different, so these are just general guidelines.
  • Traffic – try to stay off the lawn as much as possible for the first 6 weeks after seeding. If you will be on the lawn, try to spread out the traffic so each area receives the least amount possible.


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