Weed control

bioLawn’s focus on safer products and application methods comes to life in our weed control programs. Most weed control products on the market we do not use due to their toxicity. We carefully select the products we use based on the toxicity of exposure to our technicians and our customers. For lawns with very few weeds, we use spot treatment applications to reduce the amount of weed control used on your property, thus further reducing exposure. We use both pre-emergent and post-emergent weed controls to keep weeds at bay. Pre-emergent weed control is put down in the spring to limit crabgrass seeds from germinating. Remember, not all crabgrass will be prevented, which is why we treat it after it emerges as well. With post-emergent weed control, we target weeds once they are visible. We do our best to treat the weeds just as they are emerging so the weeds do not detract from your lawn. If weeds have not emerged yet, our applications will not be effective. We do offer free weed retreatments to customers on a full year program. Be Patient – Your weeds will not disappear overnight. It  can take up to a week for results to begin to take effect.

Broadleaf  Weed Control

We can control dandelions, broadleaf plantain, clover and other common weeds found in home lawns. Creeping charlie and wild violet weeds can be controlled with our broadleaf weed control applications as well, but for complete control additional applications may be needed. Weed control is included on each visit in our program. A weed control application can also be done individually for those not signed up for a full fertilization and weed control program.

Crabgrass Control

Our early spring fertilizer application is a custom blend of fertilizer with a pre-emergent crabgrass preventer. This will limit the amount of crabgrass in your lawn but will not control crabgrass completely. Those signed up for our programs will receive post-emergent crabgrass control during the summer for any crabgrass that breaks through the pre-emergent. For customers who sign up after the pre-emergent application we will do our best to manage crabgrass with post-emergent applications.

Creeping Charlie

and Wild Violet Control

Ground Ivy (aka Creeping Charlie) and wild violets are the most difficult weeds to control in the Twin Cities. To get control, multiple applications are needed. While our regular applications will control some creeping Charlie and wild violet, we recommend adding an additional treatment to speed up the how quickly it is controlled. Note we cannot treat these weeds in your garden beds or under trees in mulch beds or in your neighbor’s lawn. Thus, treatments may need to continue for many years.

Organic Weed Control

We offer completely organic weed control programs. We use a combination of corn gluten meal to prevent weeds from germinating and iron-based products to reduce photosynthesis. After an iron application, weeds will turn black. They often do not die after one application. Rather, overtime the number of weeds in your lawn will be reduced.