Aeration and Seeding

Plants require sunlight, water, air and nutrients to grow healthy. Just like tilling your gardening or a farmer plowing a field, your lawn needs similar action to improve the flow of air, nutrients, and water to the roots. Loosening the soil through aeration provides benefits that can help reduce the need for inputs above ground, such as fertilizer and weed control products. Sometimes aeration alone is not enough. Seeding your lawn with new genetics can help your lawn fight pests, diseases, weeds, and drought. This further minimizes the need for more applications to have a perfect lawn. A healthy lawn is built on a foundation of strong, healthy grass that resists pests. Aeration and seeding are critical components to a healthy lawn.

Aeration types

Dependent upon your lawn’s needs, we offer two types of aeration services.

Core Aeration

Pulls plugs of soil from your lawn to create channels for air, water, and nutrients to reach the roots. Also allows roots to move deeper into your soil. Improves root growth, reduces plant stress, relieves compaction in the soil. Highly recommended for newly sodded lawns to help the roots reach the soil below.

Liquid Aeration

Liquid aeration (with a proprietary blend of ingredients) helps increase water filtration, increase soil nutrient holding capacity, and promotes soil ecosystem growth. This achieves many benefits of core aeration without the mess of conventional aeration.



Overseeding can improve the density of your lawn and introduce newer genetics to help the lawn fight pests. Seed needs contact with the soil to establish well. Thus, with every seeding we do a lawn aeration to break up the soil and increase the amount of seed in contact with the soil. You are a critical component to a successful seeding. New seedlings need regular watering to establish well. With each seeding we provide establishment instructions to ensure success. Learn more here.

Questions About Aearation

Q: How do I know if my lawn needs aeration?

Over time, a dense layer of dead grass builds up on your lawn. This will happen naturally over time, but it can be worse were more pressure is being put upon the grass, like places with heavy foot traffic, or where puddles often form.

One way to quickly test if your lawn needs aeration is to poke a screwdriver or shovel into the soil. If there you are able to break through the thatch with relative ease, your lawn should be fine. However, if there is a lot of resistance, that is a sign your lawn may need aeration.

Q: When should I start aerating?

Depending on your type of grass, there are optimal times of the year to aerate your lawn. If you have a warm season grass like Buffalo or Bermuda grass, you should aerate towards the end of spring, just prior to the lawn’s peak growing season. As the lawn grows and thrives, it will fill in the holes.  A cool season grass like ryegrass or Kentucky bluegrass should be aerated in the early spring or the fall. The lawn will also fill in the holes as well for the cool season grass as it grows.

Q: How to get the most out of lawn aeration?

To get the most out of core aeration, it should be done when your lawn is moist. Watering your lawn the day before will ensure that the aeration process goes smoothly. However, be careful not to over water your lawn, if the lawn is too wet, otherwise this will cause issues, the soil should feel slighlty damp, not soaking wet.

One mistake people make when aerating their own lawn is that they aerate too frequently. Aerating too frequently can actually damage your lawn’s roots. This is why we recommend Spring or Fall, because that is when root growth is at its greatest.

Contact bioLawn for professional lawn aeration services. We will be sure you get the most out of you lawn’s aeration!


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