Frequently Asked questions

You have questions? bioLawn has answers! Contact Us if you have unanswered questions.

How do I speak to someone about my lawn?

Submit an online request by clicking Request an Estimate on the menu. We will contact you to discuss your lawn, your needs, and your expectations.

How do I sign up?

You can sign up by clicking Client Login in the upper right corner of any page, filling out our contact form, emailing us or calling us.

Do I have to sign a contract?

Our services are for your benefit. Your personal or lawn needs can change throughout the year. When you sign up, we will ask you to confirm the services you would like us to perform, but you can change, cancel, or postpone any service at any time. However, once services are performed, refunds are not allowed.

How do you evaluate my lawn?

We start with a phone conversation about your lawn, your expectations, and challenges. With that information we make a recommendation on services. Once we start those services, our trained technicians will evaluate how your lawn is responding to the treatments and other needs that may exist. We will make tweaks to the services you are getting to meet your expectations. We will recommend services you are not signed up for to help meet your needs.

How do I choose what services I need?
We have information about most services on this website for you to review. Our representatives and specialists can also help you with any additional questions you may have. Our technicians go through extensive training and as they learn your property will make service suggestions to improve your lawn.
What do I have to do after I sign up?

Relax! You will be scheduled for services throughout the season, and our technicians will track your property’s natural progress throughout the year to make sure your lawn is looking its best. We will notify you if your property needs any changes to its service plan. Watch for updates in your email.


Do I have to do anything to my lawn?

We prefer to partner with our customers. We will take on the applications and make recommendations on how to improve your lawn. For the most part, all you have to do is follow proper mowing and watering techniques. Other than that, enjoy your lawn!

How long will it take for the grass to improve?

The length of time can vary to achieve a lawn that meets your expectations. Starting condition, weather, number of treatments, watering and mowing all play a role in how fast your lawn reaches your expectations. You should notice results from each application and your lawn will improve overtime.

How much should I water my lawn?

It is recommended that lawns in the Twin Cities get 1 inch of water (rainfall and/or irrigation) every week. This amount is most critical during the heat of the summer. During cooler weather, a lawn can grow healthy with less than 1 inch of water per week. If irrigating the lawn, infrequent watering is best to encourage roots to go down deeper in the soil. Ideally your lawn should receive water every 4-5 days.

When should I water my lawn?

The latest research suggests watering your lawn in the early morning hours, 5-8am is the best time. Watering later in the day leads to evaporation of some of the applied water, thus waste. Watering during the late night or early morning promotes disease. While this is a general rule, each situation is different. When it is hot more frequent watering may be needed. Contact us today to discuss your specific situation.

How often should I mow my lawn?

The best sports fields and golf courses in the world mow their grass every day or two. They do this because mowing is a stress on the plant. By only removing a little bit of leaf tissue each time, they minimize plant stress. We do not see that as practical, nor necessary for most homeowners. Once or twice a week mowing during most of the year is adequate. With that said, there are complicating factors such as how fast is the grass growing, what is your mowing height, how sharp are your mower blades, etc. The products we apply are designed to limit growth flushes and our experts are here to help you identify the proper mowing procedures for your lawn.

Does bioLawn guarantee their service?

With over 30 years of experience in the Turfgrass industry we guarantee that our work will be done to your expectations. If an issue should arise, we will make as many visits and perform as many extra services until it is resolved to your satisfaction at no additional cost to you. That is our Healthy Grass Guarantee.

When can I go on my lawn after fertilization?

Our fertilizer is safe to be on as soon as the application goes down. Reminder, if your lawn received a weed treatment it is best to stay off until the application has dried.

Can my pets go on the lawn? What if they eat the grass??

Pets are one of the main reasons our customers choose bioLawn. They can play on your lawn immediately after many treatments. Feel free to let them romp, frolic, roll, and dig (if that’s okay with you). If your lawn required a weed treatment pets should be kept off the lawn until the application has dried, usually a couple of hours.

How often do I need fertilizer to have a nice lawn?

The amount of fertilizer needed depends on weather, the kinds of soils and the type of grass in your lawn. We recommend six applications, so that we are on your lawn once per month during the growing season. This allows us to adjust the amount and type of fertilizer based to provide you the best lawn possible.

What do I do if I don’t know what’s wrong with my lawn?

Please reach out to us. Our customers have access to our agronomists as well as our external consultants. We will diagnose the problems and provide options for improving your lawn.

Are your applications organic?

Our standard applications contain organic components but are not 100% organic. We do offer fully organic programs and would be happy to discuss those with you. For our standard applications, we use our proprietary processes to identify safer products that can maximize lawn health and weed control.


"My summer service happened this week and the tech was extremely helpful. Arlo was knowledgeable and helpful."


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"Thanks so much for your service this year. I think we have the nicest lawn on the block!"

Shelly from St. Paul

"As a new customer, I am remarkably impressed with your responsiveness and personal attention. Thank you!!"

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"Our lawn looks better with bioLawn than with several other companies we have hired in the past."

Dianne from Minneapolis

"BioLawn best lawn service EVER!!! Even in a drought my lawn looks great. I followed Oakdale watering rules and BioLawn did their part. Now I have the best lawn in the neighborhood. Their lawn tech nailed it with identifying the few weed problems I did have and applied the right weed killer. You can not water PART of your yard once or twice a week in a drought and expect a good lawn. BioLawn maybe the BEST lawn service on the face of the Earth !!!"

John H. from Oakdale