Other lawn pests

Mother nature can throw a lot at our lawns. Unwanted pests, diseases, insects not only detract from your lawns appearance but they can be harmful if not treated. bioLawn has the expertise and knowledge to identify these problems, prescribe solutions and implement applications. Our safer products and applications methods are used with these services as well.

Grub Control

Grubs feed on the lawn’s roots, making it weak and susceptible to drought damage and death. We use an environmentally safe insecticide to control grubs. Grub control is also recommended as part of a complete mole control program to eliminate one food source that can bring moles into your lawn.

Disease Control

Disease can take over a lawn at a moment’s notice. The most common diseases in the Twin Cities lawns are red thread, dollar spot, summer patch, necrotic ring spot and snow mold. We have application programs to treat each of these diseases. The best way to minimize disease is with preventative applications, which go down before you see the disease. We can apply fungicides after disease has appeared. This will limit the spread but some disease may be visually apparent until the lawn recovers.

Insect Control

Ants generally are not a problem for the grass in your lawn. But ants can make your lawn less enjoyable and do reduce the quality of your lawn. Other bugs can be more of a problem, chinch bugs, bill bugs and weevils can all damage your lawn. Our insect control programs can keep ants and other bugs at bay. We offer single applications to reduce the population and programs to get complete, long lasting control.

Vole Control

Our organic application repels surface feeding voles during the winter. This prevents the tunnels of chewed up grass that you see when the snow melts in the spring. This application must go down late in the fall before the snow flies.

Tick Control

Ticks can carry Lyme disease and they can be a nuisance to pets and children. Our tick control application kills ticks and keeps them away for weeks. This application to the lawn also controls ants, sod webworms and billbugs. Many customers pair this application with mosquito control which will control ticks in the landscape plants.

Mole Control

Mole control is a multi-phased approach. We start by baiting tunnels with a worm that mimics natural prey. Once the mole population is reduced, we use an organic repellent to repel moles from entering your lawn. Regular applications are needed to maintain the repellant.


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