Our Services

bioLawn offers outdoor care services for lawns, trees and landscapes. Our services improve the aesthetics and combat pests, allowing you to enjoy the outdoors. We take great care to identify your needs, expectations and pest problems to provide appropriate treatments. Our technicians are licensed and certified to provide the services performed. We guarantee our services. For a FREE estimate, get an instant quote or contact us to learn more!

Blended Lawn Care Program

  • Blended organic fertilizer
  • Lower toxicity weed controls
  • Sustainability focused
  • Environmentally conscious
  • Lush, dense, green lawn results

Mosquito & Tick Control Program

  • Reduces mosquito population
  • Control disease carrying insects
  • Enjoy more time outdoors
  • Manages tick population
  • Protects kids & pets

100% Organic Program


  • Only uses organic certified products
  • Environmentally conscious
  • Long-term lawn health
  • Organic certified fertilizer
  • Iron-based organic weed control


  • Increases air, water & nutrients
  • Improves lawn density
  • Loosens compacted soil
  • Increased rooting of grass
  • Liquid & core aeration


  • Improves lawn density
  • Utilizes latest genetics
  • More drought tolerant
  • More disease resistance
  • Thicker, greener lawn

Lawn Insects

  • Grub control
  • Ant control
  • Chinch bug control
  • Manage root and leaf feeding insects
  • Preventative & curative application

Lawn Diseases

  • Improve the visual appearance
  • Stop summer patch
  • Control dollar spot
  • Lessen Ascophyta leaf blight
  • Prevent snow mold


Moles and Voles

  • Rodents disrupt the visual appearance
  • Moles make the lawn lumpy
  • Voles create tracks in the lawn
  • Control and repel moles and voles
  • Preventative and curative applications


Tree Care Services

  • Fertilization improves tree & plant health
  • Fertilization encourages growth
  • Apple scab disease control
  • Emerald Ash Borer treatments
  • Japanese Beetle management



“My summer service happened this week and the tech was extremely helpful. Arlo was knowledgeable and helpful.”


“We believe the long-term relationship with Biolawn has led to a better lawn overall (our neighbors think so too). Thank you for your study, thoughtful lawncare program, and terrific service. “


“Thanks so much for your service this year. I think we have the nicest lawn on the block!”

Shelly from St. Paul

As a new customer, I am remarkably impressed with your responsiveness and personal attention. Thank you!!

Adam from Eagan

We are very happy with the way the lawn is looking!!

Richard from Stillwater

Thank you for the email – this years program looks great! Looking forward to another year of great service and excellent results!

John from West Lakeland

You have been such an amazing crew. I love the frequent communication and the happy technicians. You have all been fantastic!

Anna from Eagan

“Our lawn looks better with bioLawn than with several other companies we have hired in the past.

Dianne from Minneapolis

“BioLawn best lawn service EVER!!! Even in a drought my lawn looks great. I followed Oakdale watering rules and BioLawn did their part. Now I have the best lawn in the neighborhood. Their lawn tech nailed it with identifying the few weed problems I did have and applied the right weed killer. You can not water PART of your yard once or twice a week in a drought and expect a good lawn. BioLawn maybe the BEST lawn service on the face of the Earth !!!”

John H. from Oakdale