Spring is finally here, and so are the stubborn weeds. One day your lawn is clear, and the next you spot those yellow flowers everywhere. The time it takes to clear them out can be back breaking or unhealthy with the wrong products. Here are some key reasons why weeds should not be welcome on your lawn and why weed control is so important:

Ruins Curb Appeal

If you’re looking to sell your home or show off one of the best lawns on the block, weeds will ruin the appearance of a well-maintained, lush lawn. Additionally, they grow quickly and are stubborn to remove if a homeowner just chooses to ignore a small section. After just one windy day, for example, those seeds from the dandelions will spread across your whole yard.

Stunts Lawn Growth

Weeds will compete with your grass for the water, nutrients, space, and sun, and often come out on top since their roots go deeper and they are larger plants in general. Plus, if they reach your garden, they can do the same in there and harm your flowers, veggies, fruits, or whatever you have growing.

Damages Lawn Equipment

Weeds are tougher and larger than grass, so your lawn mower may not cut through them as easily. In some cases, mowing over a large amount of growth can even cause the blades to jam, which could cause mechanical wear and tear if it’s left running for too long.

So how will you be taking back your lawn? There is a range of toxicity with weed control products.  The wrong type of weed control can make your grass less safe to play in for your kids and pets. At bioLawn, we avoid using high toxicity products. We can take care of your lawn whether it needs spot, pre-emergent, or post-emergent treatments, and customers who sign up for our full-year program even receive free weed re-treatments. If you’re already seeing weeds or want to prevent them, give bioLawn a call.