Everyone is familiar with this state bird. It’s important to understand where mosquitos form and where they reside to reduce the mosquito population. Mosquitos eggs are laid on standing water or in areas that retain water when it rains. During the day adult mosquitos rest on shrubs and small trees. What can you do to enjoy more time outside without these pesky critters?

  • Reduce water – dump out water from objects regularly. Common items around outside that might retain water include – watering containers, pools, toys, buckets, and tires. Anything that holds water after a rainfall should be emptied.
  • Standing water – do areas of your lawn or landscape hold water after a rainfall? Add soil to these areas to reduce standing water after rains.
  • Water movement – do you have a small pond that always has water? Consider adding a small fountain or agitator to keep the water moving.
  • Trim back plants – a thick bush is the perfect place for mosquitos to hide. Removing some of the branches increases the airflow. This disturbs the mosquito and sends them away to somewhere else.

Have you taken all of these steps and still have a problem with mosquitos? Remember that even if you do everything right, your neighbors might not be. Or there might be a swamp just down the road. Mosquitos can fly up to several miles.

Spray applications to your shrubs and plants can help reduce the number of mosquitos. Spray applications kill mosquitos when they rest during the day on your plants. Spray applications do not kill all mosquitos, but they do reduce the population in and around your home.

bioLawn does offer a monthly mosquito application program. We are offering a FREE application if you sign up for the year.