As the old adage goes, April showers bring May flowers. Blooming dandelions are a sure sign that spring is here. For some, dandelions are a welcome sign and a memory of childhood. For others, dandelions drive them crazy. Here is what you can do to help manage dandelions and how our various programs treat dandelions.

  • Mowing can help manage dandelions. Mowing should take place while the yellow dandelion flower is blooming. By mowing off the flower, you prevent seed forming, which reduces new dandelions. If the dandelions have already produced a white fluff ball of seed, avoid mowing the lawn until the fluff ball withers. Mowing the lawn at this time increases the spread of dandelion seeds and the number of dandelion weeds.
  • Pulling is an effective method to remove dandelions. If you pull dandelions, we recommend using a small shovel to sever the taproot several inches below the soil surface before pulling the weed. That way the dandelion will not regenerate. Pulling flower tops off can also help to reduce seeding.

How do our programs treat dandelions? 

  • Blended Fertilizer and Weed Control Program: Once dandelions start to bloom, we begin treating them. Unfortunately, during much of the early spring, the weather is too cool to get control of dandelions with applications. The timing of these applications typically aligns with the Late Spring Application.
  • Organic Lawn Program: Treatment also begins as dandelions start to bloom. Because of the tap root dandelions have, organic weed control applications typically will not kill dandelions. Instead, they weaken the dandelion to reduce flowering and seed production.
  • Fertilizer Only Blended Lawn Program: This program does not include weed control. It is great for people wanting to promote a diverse lawn and pollinator populations. Because no weed control is used, dandelions bloom, produce seed, and spread in the lawn.