On average, the cost of a lawn fertilization and weed control treatment plan in the Twin Cities or Western Wisconsin is around $330 a year for a 5,000 square foot lawn. So what will be the cost for your lawn?

Overall, the cost for your lawn depends on its size, number of applications, products used, types of services, and discounts offered. Below is an explanation of each of these in greater detail. The best way to find out the cost for your lawn is to call a lawn care company to talk over your property. That way the right plan can be identified for your lawn.

How does size affect price?

Lawn care services are most often priced by the size of the lawn. The size of a lawn dictates how long it takes to service the property and how much product is used. Therefore, size is a primary component of calculating the cost of lawn services.

How many applications are received?

The more applications you receive, the higher the cost. However, this is not always the case because of what companies consider an application. Some companies consider fertilizing and weed control one application. Others consider fertilizing and weed control two separate applications, even though they perform them at the same visit. When fertilizing and weed control are considered separate applications, the cost per application can appear relatively low. Rather than consider cost per application, we recommend you look at the total cost for the season of treatments.

You can reduce cost by receiving fewer applications, but you likely will also reduce the quality of your lawn. Lawn care companies are experts at putting together a set of services to deliver great results. Most companies do not perform the same service at each application. They adjust them based on the weather and growth patterns. When homeowners pick and choose the applications they want to receive based on price or for other reasons, the synergies of the program are lost. This causes less than desirable results on the lawn and can often leave the homeowner unsatisfied with the outcome.

Why do fertilizer and weed control materials affect price?

Product materials are a significant cost of lawn services. Like any product category, there is a wide variety of fertilizer and weed control products available. Some companies focus solely on price, while others try to strike the perfect balance of quality and price when selecting products. Companies that purchase solely on price are able to pass those savings onto homeowners. However, because of the products used, the results from these companies may not compare.

How do other services affect price?

Lawn care companies offer additional services to target specific needs of a lawn, such as grub control or core aeration. Some companies consider these additional services that are not part of a basic lawn fertilization and weed control program, while others will include them in their standard program. When comparing prices, make sure to understand what services are included so you can compare similar programs.

What kind of discounts are available for lawn care?

The two common types of discounts offered are New Customer Discounts and Prepay Discounts. New Customer Discounts provide a savings for new customers who sign up for services. New Customer Discounts can make it attractive to switch companies, but keep in mind it may not be worth leaving a trusted company for someone else. New customer discounts vary at the time of year and type of service, so be sure to ask. Companies often offer Prepay Discounts during the winter months. Customers who elect to pay for their services prior to the service year receive a discount. Again, ask about Prepay Discounts.

Why does it cost so much for lawn services in 2022?

The cost for lawn service has increased over the last year. The three main factors driving increased costs are fuel, materials and labor. With the current high fuel prices, the cost to drive to a property to provide service has gone up. Fertilizer and weed control materials have increased in cost due to increases in production costs, transportation costs, lack of labor and plant shutdowns due to COVID. Hiring lawn care technicians has become more difficult with the increase in available jobs and higher wages in other industries.

Because of the variety in how programs are put together and what companies consider part of their standard program, we recommend focusing on the annual cost for the fertilizer and weed control program. In Minnesota and Western Wisconsin, the average cost for a 5,000 square foot lawn will be $330 before any discounts. We recommend reaching out to a trusted lawn care company to talk about your lawn and to select the best plan for you. bioLawn is a locally owned lawn care company that specializes in safer, environmentally friendly lawn management options.