bioLawn’s Early Spring Application is focused on crabgrass prevention. Crabgrass is a warm season annual that germinates in the early summer through early fall. Crabgrass will out compete the normal lawn grasses leading to bare areas during other times of the year. Crabgrass is also extremely difficult to control once it gets established. Prevention is key. Many people mistake quackgrass for crabgrass. Send us a picture if you want us to confirm what you have.

During the Early Spring Application, we also apply fertilizer to waken up the grass and a dandelion stressor. We do not apply large amounts of fertilizer during the early spring because cool weather leads to slow lawn growth and minimal fertilizer uptake. High fertilization in the spring can lead to environmental pollution. The dandelion stressor reduces dandelion flowering and weakens dandelions for better kill in the late spring. Regular weed control products are typically not effective during the spring due to cool temperatures.

For those who have signed up, we also apply the Soil Soft Activator. This application stimulates soil biology activity in cold soils. This encourages more rapid green up of the lawn, increased rooting and faster recovery of winter damage.