Mosquitoes are the bane of summer’s existence. Bug spray only works for so long. Some essential oils can ward them off for a time as well, but short of a good hard frost, not much else gets rid of these little wonders. However, you can reduce their presence and make your summer evenings much more pleasant with yard pest control applications.

Where They Live

The first step in controlling them is finding them. While mosquitoes may lay eggs in the water, that is not where they stay. Mosquitoes need to live in a shady place close to moisture. They dislike wind and high heat, which is why they normally come out at dawn and dusk when the winds and temps are generally lower. Because of their desire to be in shaded areas, mosquitoes live in shrubs and bushes in residential yards. Tall grasses, marshy areas, and forested spots are favorites as well.

Change the Environment

One option in controlling mosquitoes is to change your yard environment by eliminating areas where water pools or tall grasses live. If these kinds of areas are not adding value to your space, changing them to drier and sunnier spaces is a good option.

DIY Mosquito Control

If you’re planning to try an off-the-shelf yard fogger, don’t just fog the area where you will spend most of your time. Also consider treating the areas where mosquitoes are known to live. While the fogger may repel them for a few hours, treating the areas where they live may be a more effective form of control. However, read the spray can carefully. Spraying directly on bushes and shrubs may harm them, so it pays to have professional advice on mosquito control so you don’t damage your landscape.

BioLawn has one-time and full season treatments for many common lawn pests such as mosquitoes. For an eco-friendly, plant-safe, and effective way to send those little buzzing creatures on their way, give us a call.