Throughout the year, we get many questions about the benefits of our fertilizing applications and what they do in each season. Some may also question why we have two applications in the fall, and the 2020 season was a perfect example. In our area where fall can be short and the weather unpredictable, your grass needs all the help it can get. An early September and mid-late October fertilization really boosts your lawn’s health going into the winter.

Why is Fall Such an Important Time to Fertilize?

  1. It’s the best time to store nutrients. Like animals fattening up for hibernation, your grass will also begin to prepare itself for winter as the temperature starts to drop. We make sure our fertilizer is appropriately rationed to promote nutrient and carbohydrate build in the roots. That way they are stronger before the big freeze.
  2. Fall weather encourages growth. A lot of lawns suffer from drought or extreme heat waves during the summer, so they might be using this season to recover. The cooler temperatures and hopefully well timed rains are the perfect conditions for recovery and repair.
  3. A strong, healthy lawn leading into winter leads to a healthy green lawn in the spring. Grass uses the carbohydrates and nutrients stored in the roots during the fall to jump out of the gate in the spring. Not only does this give you a good looking lawn, but it also helps the lawn continue recovering from the prior summers stresses. After all, like fall, spring weather conditions are great for grass growth.

While the fall application is important, it works best followed by routine applications throughout the spring and summer. Some homeowners struggle to know when they should fertilize and what nutrients to give a lawn. Luckily, we have a lawn care program that takes care of it for you with just 6 applications between spring, summer, and fall. Our program consists of:

Early Spring Application. Complete natural fertilizer with pre-emergent crabgrass control and spot control of broadleaf weeds.

Late Spring Application. Balanced natural fertilization with treatment of broadleaf weeds.

Early Summer Application. Naturally sustaining hot weather fertilization with spot treatment of broadleaf weeds and crabgrass control.

Summer Stress Application. High in organic matter, with proprietary components to rebuild soil and retain moisture, to help your lawn survive summer stress.

Early Fall Application. Balanced natural fertilization with treatment of broadleaf weeds and crabgrass control along driveways and sidewalks.

Late Fall Application. Balanced fertilization to winterize lawn and to promote early spring green-up.

If you’d like to learn more and set up a program for 2021, give our experts at bioLawn a call. We’re all about nurturing lawns—responsibly.